Healthy Home Habits While in Isolation

With the rapid spread of the coronavirus throughout the world, our frontlines working tirelessly to treat those who have caught it, our best help on an individual basis that can have an impact is to stay home.

The coronavirus has brought on all kinds of difficulty in our lives, and although it’s not something to complain about, staying home on quarantine does have its challenges. Here, we have some healthy home habits that you can implement, whether you’re quarantined in self-isolation or with a few of your loved ones to help keep this highly contagious virus at bay.

1. Clean frequently
If you don’t already do this, now is the time to frequently clean and disinfect surfaces. Think wiping down kitchen counters with every use, cleaning every eating surface such as dining tables and coffee tables, regularly changing bedsheets (this is particularly true for those where summer and higher temperatures are now in season), wiping doorknobs, and disinfecting common handheld items such as your cellphone, computer, tablet, remote control and light switches.

Cleaning and disinfecting frequently in good sense, and not in an obsessive anxiety-driven way, is a healthy home habit to lower the chance of infection, not just from the coronavirus, but from viruses and bacteria in general. While on quarantine, develop this healthy home habit for all year-round protection.

2. Get some sun
Just because you’re on quarantine, doesn’t mean you have to be indoors all the time. While we practice social distancing, know that you can still see the outside world, as long as you don’t come into close contact with other people.

With that said, get some sunlight for a breath of fresh air and get your daily dose of immune-boosting, serotonin-inducing Vitamin D. Not only does Vitamin D and UV rays help to decrease a virus from spreading, the serotonin produced when exposed to sunlight can help us feel happier, which is especially beneficial for people who are having a hard time staying at home or feeling anxious amidst this coronavirus lockdown.

So while at home, stick to a morning or afternoon ‘sunning’ habit. You can either go for a walk, enjoy coffee or tea on your balcony, lounge on your backyard etc. The idea is to get some sun and get a break from being indoors.

3. Meal Prep
Our usual busy lives can make even the most organized person find difficulty in carving out time to prep meals. For those in isolation, meal prepping is a great habit to incorporate as it keeps you busy, gives you a better idea of your food inventory (this is beneficial especially for areas where food is scarce or groceries have become overcrowded), and eating healthy quick and easy, making reaching out for a quick bag of junk food less tempting.

If you’re working from home, meal prepping is likely to still be more doable now. Use the time it takes for you to get to and from work to meal prep instead. Simple things such as roasting vegetables, washing herbs and leafy greens, tossing together a bunch of sauces and dressings, marinating meat and batch cooking grains, making plant-based milks etc. are all surprisingly easy and only takes some investment in time, which while on self-quarantine, you have more of!

4. Take Care of Your Immune System
Amidst an outbreak of a highly contagious virus, taking care of your immune system is more important than ever. While on quarantine, it’s tempting to fall into unhealthy habits such as excessive drinking, being sedentary on the couch, forgoing exercise, and reaching for a quick snack, which becomes quite unhealthy during an indefinite period of lockdown. Pairing this with the anxiety that usually comes amidst all the news going around the coronavirus and the feelings of loneliness that come from isolation, our physical and mental health can suffer, making us more susceptible to infection.

Even though you’re on self-quarantine, avoid over indulging on Netflix and instant ramen. Make your health a priority by eating fresh wholefood and home-cooked meals, taking time to exercise, and working your way through any difficult emotions that are cropping up while you’re on quarantine. Meditation, journaling, or even calling a loved one can help keep your mental and emotional health in check, which in turn keeps your immunity strong.

5. Clean the Air
Regardless of your living situation, it’s always a good idea to keep air circulation fresh and clean which keeps microorganisms like viruses from building up. If you’re living in a more urbanized area, consider investing in an air filter to help keep your home clean from pollutants on top of germs. If you live in an area away from emissions, simply open your window to allow for good circulation.

Being on quarantine is the perfect opportunity to hone your healthy habits. Whether you find staying at home easy or difficult, let our supplements help keep your immunity strong, without having to make a frequent run to the grocery store to stock up on fresh food. Our Turmeric with Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory that will help keep infections from taking hold and our Apple Cider Vinegar tablets provide protection from bacteria, viruses and mold for easy and convenient immune enhancement.

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