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Battle Bloat and Indigestion with this Gut-Healing Plan

The gut is responsible for all kinds of bodily processes. If you experience bloat, abdominal pain, indigestion, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome etc. you’re likely to have some form of gut issue. Check out the signs below for poor gut health and consult with a doctor for the best treatment.

Signs of poor gut health:

  1. Pain after eating
  2. Your poop floats
  3. Regular diarrhea
  4. Constant fatigue
  5. Blood or mucus mixed in your stool

Regardless if you have any gut issues or don’t, everyone can benefit from taking better care of their gut microbiome.

What is the gut microbiome?
Your gut microbiome refers to the trillions of microorganisms that live in your digestive system. The majority of these microorganisms are bacteria and they determine healthy digestive functions which in turn influence metabolism, immunity, and brain health. Lifestyle habits such as what you eat, drink, how often you exercise, take medication etc. all affect your gut microbiomes balance and healthy function.

Follow this gut-healing plan to promote your healthiest gut microbiome ever.

1. Keep a clean mouth

Keep up your dental hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth daily and visiting a dentist at least twice a year for a thorough cleaning. Your oral health isn’t the only thing that benefits, but also your gut health. Bacteria from the mouth can go directly into the digestive system so it’s important to maintain a clean mouth.

2. Eat a variety of plant-based foods

Studies have found that people with the best gut health are people who eat a wide variety of plant-based foods and kept eating meat to a minimum. Make the majority of your diet consist of plant-based ingredients to give your gut a host of fibers, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. This goes beyond eating your leafy greens, plant-based foods also count as nuts, wholegrains, plant oils, herbs, spices, roots, seeds, and fruits.

3. Cut down on sugar

Cutting down or eliminating refined sugar from your diet is perhaps the single best thing you can do to your gut. Sugar inflames the gut and alters your gut microbiome feeding and promoting the growth of bad bacteria.

4. Sleep, reduce stress, exercise

Prioritize your most basic needs of quality sleep, regular exercise and proper stress management and reduction. Any time you fall short on these aspects, your body suffers and your gut health is no exception.

Prioritize a schedule for these things the same way you would prioritize other important things in your life. Set a bed time, carve out time to exercise for even just 30 minutes daily, and give your body the time to unwind from the days stresses. Your gut health will thank you and the benefits come quickly.

5. Don’t overeat

Overloading your digestive system by overeating changes the way your gut perceives fullness. While the occasional overindulgence is enjoyable, constantly overeating stretches your stomach and makes your gut have to work harder to digest all the excess food, not to mention overeating promotes indigestion and obesity.

6. Get your probiotics

Probiotics help balance the friendly, otherwise known as ‘good’ gut bacteria, in your digestive system. A good balance of good gut bacteria affects our health ranging from healthy digestion, weight loss, immune function, and even help to regulate moods. Get your probiotics by consuming fermented foods or through a quality probiotic supplement.

7. Add digestive enzymes

While probiotics are the typical addition for digestive health, digestive enzymes, although lesser known, are highly recommended to take for digestive health as well. Not only do digestive enzymes promote the good bacteria in your gut microbiome, digestive enzymes also provide the following benefits:

  • Reduces gas, bloating, constipation and other digestive discomforts
  • Helps control acid reflux, reduce heartburn, leaky gut, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Enhances nutrition absorption and supports weight management
  • Promotes healthy bacteria to fight off diseases and improve digestion

Find a quality digestive enzyme supplement to complement and enhance your gut health, and to help heal any issues.

Want a healthy gut microbiome? Optimize nutrient absorption, promote healing of your gut, and support a healthy weight with our Digestive Enzymes featuring MAKZYME-Pro Blend.

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