Ceylon Cinnamon

Nature’s Best Weapon Against Diabetes

Living with diabetes is a nightmare.

It affects crucial aspects of our lives and puts a strain not only on our physical and mental health but also to our social and emotional well-being.

Dealing with diabetes is undeniably tough.

Imagine constantly feeling like a pincushion with the pain and burning sensation when you take your insulin shots. Worse, you have the financial burden and dependence on not only insulin but the medical equipment, devices, meters and more.

You see your self with scars left on the most insecure parts of your body and being extra cautious with wounds, injuries, and infection and ultimately, constant paranoia.

You’ll find your body out of tune with your own mind leaving you confused and wondering “wrere am I” or “how did I get here?” as diabetes affects your brain.

Imagine the lifetime limitations on what foods or drinks you can enjoy, and the heavy pressure it can put on our shoulders.

…the anger that results from the high and lows of blood sugar levels and emotions about being dealt a bad card.

…the guilt we place on ourselves thinking that everything was our fault and that you brought this to yourself.

But the truth is, diabetes is not just a self-inflicted condition!

There are various causes of different types of diabetes. Scientists are not even exactly sure what causes type 1 diabetes!

For other diabetes such as type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, or prediabetes, both genes, lifestyle, and environmental factors play a role in triggering this condition.

Sadly, many people don’t see it that way, and you get to take all the blame.

But whatever the cause may be, we only have one option: to fight diabetes.

While there is no cure for diabetes, there are measures we can take to manage it.

There are ways we can keep our blood sugar levels down and reduce the effect of diabetes on our lives, or avoid it altogether!

You deserve to live without having to rely on insulin and other prescription drugs.

You deserve to live a life without the constant fear of your blood sugar levels, constant pressure, and paranoia of sticking to a strict diet.

You deserve a life with full mental capacity without being affected by diabetes.

You deserve a life free from a roller coaster of emotions brought by the highs and lows of your sugar levels.

And you deserve a life free from guilt and wondering “what could my life be if I didn’t have diabetes?”

It’s time to fight diabetes head-on. And nature’s got your back.

Introducing nature’s best weapon against diabetes

Ceylon Cinnamon

A science-backed natural supplement that can help fight diabetes in more ways than one

Native to Sri Lanka, Ceylon Cinnamon is proven to help you lower blood sugar levels and manage common diabetes complications.

It reduces insulin resistance in the body and helps glucose metabolize in the liver.

Not Your Typical Kitchen Cinnamon

It’s important to note that Ceylon cinnamon is different from the one you typically used as a food ingredient, cassia cinnamon.


Cassia cinnamon

also called Chinese cinnamon, is less expensive and is widely available in most supermarkets. This is the type of cinnamon commonly consumed around the world. While Cassia cinnamon is healthy and can also fight diabetes, it also contains a toxin called Coumarin which can be harmful when taken in large doses and for a prolonged period of time. In rodents, it is known to cause kidney, liver and lung damage.

Ceylon cinnamon

often referred to as “true cinnamon”, is the superior type of the two. Native to Sri Lanka, Ceylon cinnamon has a light brown color, a soft texture, and a sweet and citrusy aroma. It is also much more expensive than Cassia cinnamon. While Cassia cinnamon contains about 1% of Coumarin, Ceylon cinnamon only contains 0.004% or 250 times less. In fact, it’s so low that it’s almost undetectable. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial for your safety. Coumarin can be toxic and exceeding the daily limit is easily possible. In many cases, just 1-2 teaspoons of Cassia cinnamon can bring you over the limit. If you plan to use cinnamon to fight diabetes, Ceylon cinnamon is your best option.

How Ceylon Cinnamon Works To Fight Diabetes

People with diabetes either have a pancreas that can’t produce enough insulin or cells that don’t respond to insulin properly. Both of these leads to high blood sugar levels.

Ceylon Cinnamon helps fight diabetes in four major ways:

With Ceylon cinnamon, you’ll be able to better manage your blood sugar levels and fight off diabetes together with its symptoms and complications such as hypoglycemia, heart disease, vision problems, and nerve damage and amputation.

Not Just For Diabetes

Ceylon cinnamon is undeniably a robust weapon against diabetes and high blood sugar. It also has tons of other health benefits that will give your body complete protection.

Ceylon is packed with powerful antioxidants such as polyphenols. These will help protect your body from oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals in your body. It’s so powerful that it outranks superfoods such as garlic and can be used as a natural preservative.

Inflammation is your body’s way to protect itself from infection and to repair tissue damage. But when it gets chronic and is directed against your tissues, it becomes a problem. Ceylon cinnamon and its powerful antioxidants have potent anti-inflammation properties so you can reduce pain, especially in your joints.

Ceylon cinnamon reduces the levels of total cholesterol, “bad” LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides while keeping the “good” HDL cholesterol stable. At the same time, it reduces blood pressure so you can be safe from heart disease.

Ceylon cinnamon can inhibit the buildup of a protein in the brain that causes Alzheimer’s Disease. It also helps protect neurons, normalize the neurotransmitter levels and improve motor function. This is crucial if you are diabetic since diabetes can also impact your brain leaving you confused or out of focus at the very least.

Cinnamon has been widely used for cancer treatment and prevention. It is shown to reduce the growth of cancer cells and the formation of blood vessels in tumors. It also appears to be toxic to cancer cells to kill them immediately. 

Ceylon cinnamon helps fight various kinds of infections in the body. It can be used to effectively treat respiratory tract infections caused by fungi and inhibits the growth of bacteria such as Listeria and Salmonella. Its antimicrobial effect also helps prevent tooth decay and reduce bad breath.

Weight loss and management is one of the biggest factors that made Ceylon cinnamon popular. It can help in this aspect in many ways such as by reducing food cravings, boosting metabolism (targeting fat deposited in the abdominal area), and shows significant improvement in all components of metabolic syndrome.

As an ingredient that has been used throughout history dating as far back as ancient Egypt, Ceylon cinnamon can now serve as your primary weapon against diabetes while achieving all these health benefits.

And you owe it to yourself to not miss out on its medicinal powers.

Nature’s Health Supplements’

Ceylon Cinnamon

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While you can take spoonfuls of Ceylon cinnamon and get the same benefits, we understand how it can be impractical, inconvenient, and undesirable.

With these Ceylon Cinnamon Supplement Capsules, you can get your daily dose of Ceylon cinnamon without dealing with:

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Safety and Satisfaction Guaranteed

We at Nature’s Health Supplements are dedicated to providing the most effective natural supplements and making your safety our top priority.

It’s time you step up your game against diabetes and high blood sugar levels and be healthy in many ways.

Ceylon cinnamon is your reliable weapon in ensuring managing diabetes and its symptoms to keep you at your peak performance day in and day out.

Don’t let your blood sugar dictate the way you live. Reclaim your life with Nature’s Health Supplements’ Ceylon Cinnamon capsules!