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Healthy Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s come in many forms and people. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, celebrating right now may be different than what you initially had in mind. Despite this current quarantine era, here are some thoughtful and healthy ways you can send over some love and appreciation to your mother and mother figures in your life for Mother’s Day:

1. A Kind Word

A kind word of appreciation goes a long way with mothers, who frequently go above and beyond to take care of the needs for others. If you’re quarantined at home with your mother, show her some gratitude for all the things she does and let her know that her hard work and efforts do not go by unnoticed.

If you’re not living with your mother, a simple video call to talk to her and let her know your appreciation for her can make all the difference in how she feels on Mother’s Day.

2. Give Her Some ‘Me Time’

If your mother is a multitasking superwoman, offer to take a few things off her to-do list so that she can have even 1 precious hour to herself to relax in perhaps a long bath, a walk, a yoga session, or even for just some peace and quiet.

Something as simple as taking care of lunch and dinner, doing the dishes, tidying up the house, or running some errands can free up so much of her day. Never underestimate what even just 1 undisturbed hour means for a mom. This Mother’s Day, let her indulge in her own self-interests even for a short period of time. It’s one of the best things a busy mom could ask for!

3. Gift Her With Her Essentials

Your mother is likely to have a slew of energy boosting tricks up her sleeve to help her keep up with the daily life of taking care of family and juggling everything else. Whether she looks to things like getting a caffeine charge from coffee or green tea, manages stress with the help of adaptogens like Ashwagandha, or finds that she’s ready to tackle the day after a proper skin-care ritual, take a moment to observe a little more closely to see what she uses daily and consider gifting her with it or something similar.

If she loves her morning cup of coffee, get her a lovely bag of a single origin roast, if she loves her green tea, gift her with some ceremonial grade matcha green tea. Not only do you already know that she’ll enjoy these Mother’s Day gifts you’ll also show her that you pay attention to her needs.

4. Give Her an Online Alternative

During quarantine, social restrictions can leave your mother missing a few things from the outside world. Perhaps she misses the gym, her yoga class, or is simply finding herself restless for something new. Help bring the outside world to her with an online alternative. There are hundreds of online yoga classes and workouts that you can sign her up to. Countless platforms have opened up their education resources for free amidst this pandemic. You can sign her up to virtually any class that might pique her interest. Anything from cooking, arts, book clubs, business, exercise etc. are available to for learning from high-quality educational resources.

5. Spend Quality Time Together

Mother’s and parents in general usually look for quality time with loved ones over presents. This Mother’s Day, make sure to spend quality time with her. If you live together, be present and be with her. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Cooking together, talking together over a cup of tea, and just being with each other is usually all a mother wants. If you’re separated during quarantine, schedule a video call and talk to her like you normally would if you were in the same room.

6. Encourage Healthy Habits

Regardless if your mother is health conscious or not, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to start or encourage healthy habits. As a woman, your mother will benefit from incorporating key nutrients into her diet. Gift her with supplements and superfoods that will enhance her beauty, give her more energy, and promote her longevity.

For most mothers, incorporating a quality Multivitamin can do wonders in helping her keep up with a multifaceted life while a more specific supplement like Fish Oil can do wonders for her hormone health, mood balance and skin health.

Give your mother the gift of health with Nature’s Health Vitamins and Supplements. Help her achieve her health goals, promote longevity and overall wellbeing with the right nutrients to keep her looking and feeling her best.

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