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Healthy Work from Home Tips

Adjusting to a work-from-home set up may seem strange and new for many people who thrive on the hustle and bustle of working alongside people. But working from home doesn’t mean you get to forgo productivity as well as your health. These simple work-from home tips will keep you productive and possibly even leave you in better health than a day at the office.

Make your space ergonomic

Spending a significant amount of time anywhere deserves investing in your comfort and anything else that will help you perform at your best.

When working from home, set up an ergonomic home office. Whether you have a dedicated room or area that’s a fixed office space, or if you’re working from your dining table, take some time to truly make it feel like a professional space.

One of the first recommendations when it comes to your workspace, (this is especially applicable to people working from a desk) is to set up the proper spacing between your screen, desk, and chair:

  • Computer screen: Ideally, you want to be looking straight at a screen, and not looking down. Looking down on a screen for prolonged periods can leave your neck feeling stiff, sore and even cause a headaches. Keeping your screen at eye level promotes good posture as well as relieves your neck from any pressure.
  • Desk: A’la Marie Kondo, make your work desk a place that brings you joy. Remove distracting clutter and only place objects on it that bring you joy and promote better work performance. This could range from a bare desk that has just your computer on it and a glass of water to a work desk that’s filled with planners, pictures of loved ones, a plant etc. The idea is to set up a space that makes you productive. Where desk spacing is concerned, you want a flat solid surface that won’t make your computer wobble and at a height where you can rest your hands and forearms at a neutral angle on your keyboard. This applies to both standing and sitting desks.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a good work chair. Aim for a chair that is comfortable, functional and adjustable. The most ideal chair set up is at a height where both your feet can comfortably reach the floor while your arms and neck are neutral to your keyboard and screen. Once this is properly set up, you can implement your own individual preferences such as having a pillow for back support or a footrest to elevate your legs.

Set Boundaries

Create the intention with yourself that when it’s time to work, it’s time to work.

Set the proper boundaries with yourself and communicate your boundaries with other people that you may be living with so that you can promote productivity and replicate the professional setting in your workplace.

This can vary from different careers so get in tune with yourself and aware of what you need in your home work space to keep you as focused and productive as you normally would be. Keeping distractions like the television, frequent trips to the refrigerator, constantly checking your phone and prolonged breaks should be kept in check. However, don’t beat yourself up over any boundary mishaps and simply refocus and get back to the task at hand. Remember that boundaries when working from are enforced to keep you productive and not to act as a reason for self-criticism if you do get distracted.

Keep a schedule

Working from home amidst quarantine definitely requires most individuals to shuffle and juggle multiple priorities.

With that said, ‘sticking to your regular schedule’ just isn’t logical or even possible for many people especially when there are children to take care of, the house to be cleaned, cooking to be done, and groceries to be bought.

For your mental health’s sake, efficiency, as well as ticking off all your important priorities, scheduling your day and doing your best to keep that schedule could prove to be very a very helpful tool by giving you’re a full days overview on what needs to be done.

Since most things will be done at home, work, parenting, home management, and everything in-between will require your time at a certain time of day. To stay on top of it, work out a schedule for all your tasks. Set your priorities, set the time given, and make them realistic.

Whether you find yourself with more time and less time during quarantine, don’t expect to be able to follow your regular schedule. Instead, adjust accordingly and plan your days in a way that will help you to get everything done without burning out.

The idea of working from home may seem more relaxing, but juggling multiple aspects of your life under one roof can be stressful. Stay on top of your game and care for your health while you tick-off your to-list with the help of Nature’s Health Ashwagandha. This ancient root will help keep you feeling focused and energized all day while simultaneously balancing your cortisol levels.

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