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How Much Turmeric Should you be Taking?

The wonderful earthy and spicy taste that turmeric brings to food is only half the story of what this potent root is capable of. Perhaps the most famous and potent anti-inflammatory ingredient nature has to offer, this ancient super root has been linked to easing and alleviating a wide variety of ailments.

Whatever your lifestyle may be, incorporating turmeric into your diet or supplement routine is sure to give you a much-needed boost.

Here are some ways you can take turmeric and how much of it you should be taking to feel its positive effects:

For Immunity
Turmeric’s high antioxidant content gives our immune system protection from bacteria, viruses and even fungal infection, which proves to be amazing support in the face of the wear and tear of everyday life.

  • Keep pesky bugs and diseases at bay with a daily 500 mg dose of turmeric. Take two servings daily when you feel like you’re coming down with a bug.

For Fitness
Exercise should be part of our daily lives. For sustained wellness and preventive health, exercise and a healthy diet is the perfect marriage for a habit that will keep you looking and feeling good from the inside out.

With exercise however comes stress from impact to our muscles and joints. Paired with this, our bodies naturally produce more free radicals as we physically exert ourselves. While our bodies are perfectly capable of handling and recovering from this, you can boost and speed recovery with all the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric.

  • For easing inflamed muscles and joint pains and promoting recovery take 1 teaspoon or 500 mg of turmeric pre and post workout to keep your body nourished and to promote faster recovery.

For Hormonal Balance
Hormonal issues are quite prevalent in this day and age, particularly amongst women. PCOS, menstrual cramps, menstrual induced-migraines etc. are just some examples of hormonal imbalances that can be painful and often debilitating.

Thankfully, turmeric’s anti-inflammatory benefits and overall nutrient-dense profile make it an ideal all-natural remedy to ease and even alleviate pain from hormonal imbalances.

If you suffer from PMS-induced pain, whichever form it takes, consider incorporating turmeric in your diet for a happier moon cycle.

  • For hormonal support, take 2 tablespoons or 1000 mg of turmeric 5 days before your period and throughout the duration of your period. This should help prevent menstrual cramps, migraines and moodiness.

For Stress Relief
Turmeric is commonly known to be good for your immunity, but a lesser known benefit of this golden root is its ability to relieve depressive moods and to be generally uplifting.

Turmeric may be just the boost you need to get through a stressful day with a positive mind set.

  • For immediate stress relief from a stressful day, have a teaspoon or 500 mg of turmeric. Pair it with a 1-minute meditation or some deep breathing to get you feeling centered and happy.

Need more convincing to add turmeric to your healthy lifestyle? Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should be Taking Turmeric. Have any other ways you use turmeric to boost your health? Let us know in the comments below and share the wonderful benefits of this golden root.

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