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The Definitive Guide to Using Face Oils

Face oils are important for your beauty. Think of it as a concentrated cocktail of skin-loving vitamins and antioxidants that work hard to nourish, protect, and restore your skin to its best state.

Thanks to their tried and true efficacy, there are so many face oil products available to us to help round up a truly good-for-your-skin regimen for your most vibrant skin ever.

Nature has graced us with a plethora of herbs, plants, seeds, nuts, and flowers, and each one can be extracted for their oils, each with their own unique molecular structure that will benefit all skin types, issues, and seasons. This is good news for us because you can be sure there’s a right facial oil for everyone despite different skin types that change with the seasons and individual lifestyle.

Finding the right oil, albeit perhaps needing a bit of trial and error, can be fun and act as the hand-picked crowning cherry on top of your own carefully curated skincare regimen.

The right oil for your skin type:

Normal Skin:

Finding the right oil for normal skin types is actually quite easy as most oils will work well. Those with normal skin don’t have overly oily skin where certain oils can’t penetrate and it’s not too dry where using certain types of oil won’t be moisturizing enough. Good for you!

Balanced skin types can pick any oil, but we’d suggest trying Marula Oil, Boabab Oil, and Argan Oil.

Dry Skin:

People with dry skin benefit from oils greatly thanks to their inherent moisturizing and moisture-sealing properties. Dry skin tends to drink facial oils right up, resulting in plump glowing skin and leaving dullness and flakiness behind.

Those with dry skin will benefit from oils that are particularly thick so opt for oils like Avocado, Macadamia, Rosehip, and Coconut oil.

Oily Skin:

Applying oil to oily skin may seem counterintuitive and putting your skin even more off balance with more oil, but even those with oily skin can go from oily to dewy looking with the right facial oil. The idea is to provide necessary moisture without clogging the pores and to bring balance and nourishment to skin.

Opt for lighter oils that are non-comedogenic and are high in linoleic acid so that it absorbs more easily into skin. Jojoba, Tamanu, Grapeseed, Sunflower, and Evening Primrose oil are all great facial oils for oily skin types.

How to Make the Most of your Face Oil

Due to the purity in ingredient(s) of facial oils, you’re likely to spend a small investment for a bottle of the good stuff. To make the face oil work and to maximize all its beautifying benefits, firstly find the right face oil for your skin type, then follow the below tips:

1. Apply to a clean face:
Face oil works best when applied to clean skin. Don’t let the precious goodness the oil has to bring sit on top of dirt, sweat, grime and makeup as it won’t make it to your actual skin.

2. Tone your face:
Toners are meant to get rid of any excess dirt and surface buildup on your face, balance your skin’s PH, and preps your skin to more thoroughly absorb what follows next. If you want your face oil to be well absorbed, you’ll need to tone your face prior.

3. Use a serum:
If oils are a cocktail of nutrients that feed your skin, serums are like a concentrated juice shot of vitamins. Oils and serums go particularly well together because of their different consistency and molecular size.

Serums, which should come before face oils, absorb into the skin immediately and go deep, giving an instant boost in nourishment. Think of oils as something your skin ‘sips throughout the night’, helping to seal in all the goodness a quality serum has to offer. Using both compliments each other as serums are made to penetrate and nourish the deeper parts of your skin while facial oils moisturize and protect the outer layers.

4. Do a facial massage:
Facial oils and facial massage go hand in hand (pun intended). Doing a daily facial massage enhances the benefits of the facial oil and also helps it sink into the skin. Not only that, the boost in circulation aids in lymphatic drainage, which is what you need if you want to de-puff your skin and promote a flush of fresh blood to boost your skin’s radiance.

There are many options for facial massage ranging from crystal rollers, to gua sha blades, but know that you can also use your own hands for an effective facial massage. Whatever tool you decide to use, the main idea for the massage is to depuff your face and help your skin further absorb all the skin care you put on it. Simply start from the center areas of your face and work outward and upward for a rejuvenating, skin-care absorbing facial massage.

If you’ve got your face oil selection down, we suggest complimenting its benefits with the right serum. Try our Skin Bright Vitamin C Serum which gives your skin an instant brightening boost. Like face oil, serums work best when used correctly, find out how here.

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